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151 Questions

The Questions of Jesus


In our day, even though Bibles abound, there is a famine in the land for hearing the Word of God… If you love truth, you will be excited to hear how the Scriptures come alive when they are heard from the mouth of Jesus.

How did this project come to be?


The Christianity of Don Harris, a former pastor, was interrupted… he had the prescribed doctrines, the required language, the expected behaviors; …and an UNEXPECTED emptiness.

It’s a long story. He’ll tell you about it, if you let him. But, Don’s preference is to introduce you to his Teacher. The Teacher who ended Don’s search for answers – with questions, red letter questions. Don’s consideration of the red ink of the Scriptures led him on a journey that surprised and changed him. It might do the same for you.

In 2003, Don’s personal meditations were published in a daily devotional format which lists and discusses the red letter questions individually in a book titled, “The Questions of Jesus.” There are 151 questions, formulated in the mind of the Son of God, recorded in the Scriptures.


The Author

The Questions of Jesus challenge us … the answers will change us.

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